Disaster Response

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Books & Bibles

The Center for Urban Strategy Development launched an initiative, Books & Bibles, in response to the needs of fellow training institutes, churches and Christian schools in the Gulf Coast affected by the hurricanes of 2005. The initiative is now ongoing in response to subsequent disasters

To help replace lost or damaged libraries and training resources, CUSD raises  funds for Bibles, books and other curriculum. CUSD partners with publishers and shipping companies for donated or discounted products and services.

  • $25 will provide a church or school with 2 new study bibles.
  • $50 will provide 1 Bible and 1 textbook.
  • $100 will help clean up and restore library equipment.
  • $200 will provide lost bookshelves and storage cabinets.
  • $500 will help provide tables, chairs, desks for a library or classroom.
  • $1,000 will provide a church with a Library Rebuilder Kit that includes basic reference books, curriculum and media equipment.

Contact us about adopting an entire church, Christian school or a classroom.

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Instruments for Peace

Building Bridges over Barriers through Music

St. Francis of Assisi prayed, “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.”

Instruments for Peace is a program that seeks to build bridges over barriers through music.

Through both the actual music instruments and musicians as instruments of God, Towel & Basin offers opportunities for resourcing, training, and volunteering in “seeking the peace of the city.”

Instruments for Peace is designed to:

  • Recruit musicians, manufacturers and other interested parties to donate music instruments and/or money to underwrite the costs of collecting, storing and delivering music instruments and equipment to young people and worship leaders in developing countries, emerging churches and at risk communities in the U.S.
  • Take a delegation of musicians and other volunteers to accompany the donated instruments and at each, or selected sites of the distributions, conduct clinics in music composing and performance, instrument instruction, and worship leadership. A rally/concert featuring both local musicians and delegates will be held at one major distribution location. When possible, at least one song/selection at this concert will be performed by a combined “international” group.
  • Select locations based upon economic need, the potential risk for political, civil unrest and local leadership’s interest and capacity to sustain long term benefit from the contributed equipment and instructional workshops.

Realizing the need and music’s importance to this region of the United States, Towel & Basin announced its “Instruments for Peace to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.”

Some of the program’s features will be modified to accommodate current conditions in the affected areas, but the basic elements remain unchanged: getting music instruments into the hands of those who would otherwise be unable to replace what they’ve lost and building bridges over barriers blocking a new beginning for people and their communities.

“I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord….to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

To donate an instrument, contact us for drop off locations and shipment addresses.

If you would like to help underwrite the purchase of instruments or cover the cost of delivery to the Gulf Coast, you can make a donation today with a credit card.

You may also send a check to:

Towel & Basin
PO Box 101393
Nashville, TN 37224

Mark your check “Instruments for Peace.”

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Neighbor to Neighbor

"Neighbor to Neighbor" was an initiative by Towel & Basin to address the needs of people and communities following the hurricanes of 2005 as they entered the disaster response phases of recovery and redevelopment. The inititiave was maintained to respond to subsequent disasters.

Neighbor to Neighbor utilizes Towel & Basin’s network developed over the years providing services for neighborhood organizing. We will link neighborhood leaders, urban planners and preservationists to their counterparts in an affected community to help rebuild neighborhoods where architectural and historic beauty, vibrant culture and just wages can coexist to form a better, “beloved community.”

If you have training and skills in urban planning, architectural preservation or neighborhood organizing and would like to be a volunteer with Neighbor to Neighbor, please contact us.

You may not have the skills or time, but you can still be part of Neighbor to Neighbor. Funds are needed for training leaders, office support and supplies, transportation to planning/organizing meetings, and systems for coordinating volunteers. Gifts of any amount are welcome and will be leveraged by gifts of goods and services. You can make a donation today online that is safe and secure.

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