Our Services

Pastoral Care and Support for Urban Workers and Missionaries

  • One-on-one personal consultations
  • Tele-consultations
  • Workshops and seminars

    1. "Discovering God's Vision for the City"
    2. "Essential Tools for Effective Urban Ministry"
    3. "Steps to Combating Compassion Fatigue"
    4. "How to Develop Holy Habits: Ancient Disciplines for the Post-modern, Urban World"
    5. "Successfully Serving the City"

Personal Leadership Development

  • Developing a Servant Lifestyle
  • Finding and Following God's Vision for Your Life
  • Keeping the Healer Healthy: Developing a Preventative Health Plan

Organizational Development

  • Board Organization & Responsibilities
  • Formulating the Organization's Vision and Mission
  • Retooling Congregations for the New Urban Realities
Investigative and Research Projects
  • On-site assessments
  • Fund development
  • Project and program design
  • Biblical/theological Foundations for Urban Mission
  • Worship and the Urban Church
  • Personal vs Social Gospel: Clues from the Sacraments
  • Empowering the Poor through Community Organizing
Writing and Editing
  • Training handbooks
  • Inspirational articles
  • News releases
  • Video scripts
  • Newsletters
  • Web site content
  • Missions conferences
  • Leadership retreats
  • College campuses
  • Church worship services
Music and Worship Leadership
  • Fund raising dinners/events
  • Conferences & Retreats
  • Outreach concerts