Successfully Serving the City

In an unique multi-media program, Successfully Serving the City, David Best, urban pastor, missionary and inspirational speaker/singer provides some powerful, practical solutions to these and other challenges of city life.

Whether you are an urban pastor, lay minister, or just live and work in a metropolitan region, you'll find Successfully Serving the City a real source of inspiration that can help make living in an urban area a blessing, not a burden.

With encouraging and practical insights from years of experience, David shows you:

  • How to find and follow your God-given personal vision for ministry (Session 3)
  • The secret for learning to love your city (Session 1)
  • Why you'll need these three essential tools for effective urban ministry (Session 2)
  • Some Biblical examples of successful ministry with the city (Session 4)
  • What you can do to develop and design a plan for your long term health as a leader living in, and serving the city (Session 6)
  • How these five steps can help prevent compassion fatigue (Session 5)

In its convenient MP3 format, you can listen to Successfully Serving the City while exercising, commuting, or as part of a group or personal study time. 

The pressures of the polis are tremendous. With over 100 content packed minutes, this program gives you simple, but effective, proven principles for successfully serving and living in your city. You'll get all this, plus hear through David's personal experiences, stories and music his hope and belief that God does indeed care for you, and loves the city where you live and work.  Get your copy now for an investment of just $27.

This program comes with a simple, risk free guarantee: If for any reason Successfully Serving the City does not serve your needs, simply contact us within 30 days for a full refund.

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"Successfully Serving the City is a valuable resource providing good tips, but also encouraging and inspiring urban practitioners to deepen their relationships to the poor and to the Lord. The program is both inspirational and practical, and really captures the spirit of work in the city."

Dr. Gustavo Crocker, Former Senior Vice President for Programs, World Relief

"I am happy to recommend Successfully Serving the City. I found it encouraging, inspirational, and visionary. I believe it will really serve as a means to bring focus and energy to urban ministry. I was especially pleased with how practical it was in offering some very concrete steps for approaching both life and ministry in the city. I hope this resource gets out to folks."

Dr. Bryan Stone, E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism, Boston University School of Theology, Founder of Liberation Community, Ft. Worth, TX