News Releases

11/22/2012 - Press Release - PDF 47KB
Towel & Basin Establishes Emergency Relief Fund 

02/16/2006 - Press Release - PDF 11KB
Mark R. Moore Former Towel & Basin Board Member Passes

11/01/2005 - Press Release - PDF 30KB
Towel & Basin 20th Anniversary Celebrations events continue to be great moments of reflection, fellowship and future casting for the organization

05/18/2005 - Press Release - PDF 30KB
The Nashville Davidson County Metro Council honored David Best and Towel & Basin with a special resolution on May 17, 2005

11/11/2004 - Press Release - PDF 168KB
Neighbors Hopeful about Future Developments, November 11TH Community Meeting to discuss the potiential impact of adaptive reuse ordinance in East Nashville

10/18/2003 - Press Release - PDF 29KB
Premier Presentation of Cecil R. Paul Award

09/11/2003 - Press Release - PDF 42KB
Towel & Basin Represented at 911 Relief Ministries Ceremony Sponsored by International Bible Society and World Relief

09/01/2003 - Press Release - PDF 42KB
Towel & Basin announced today a new series of awards and service recognitions to be given to honorees in recognition for their service

08/07/2003 - Press Release - PDF 12KB
Towel & Basin Selected to Assist YouthPartnersNET

10/07/2002 - Press Release - PDF 14KB
Towel & Basin Honors 9/11 Heroes