20th Anniversary Celebration

Towel & Basin has been blessed by the wonderful expressions received during this time set for celebrating our two decades of service. Here are some of the greetings received.

Dear David and Marilyn:

Greetings in the gracious name of our liberating Lord.

It is a privilege to join you in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Towel & Basin ministry. On behalf of the Board of General Superintendents and the Church of the Nazarene, I want to extend words of gratitude to God for your visionary, prophetic leadership which is allowing compassionate Nazarenes to be involved in meaningful, transformational projects.

During these decades numerous individuals have been inspired, motivated and given avenues through which to serve others, while countless in need have found a resource of God's provision.

We pray the Lord's very special joy and blessing on your celebrations . . ., and even more on your effective impacting Kingdom ministry for Christ. God bless you.

Blessings and love,

Jerry D. Porter
General Superintendent, Church of the Nazarene

David and Marilyn,

Congratulations on 20 years with Towel and Basin.

It is David Best who called out a gift of compassion in me that has developed into my life's work.

The compassionate heart was always there, but the desire to serve homeless and needy populations evolved through an invitation to assist with Shelter moms and kids and the Crisis Center at the Lamb's. I am now running my own non profit organization called Gifted Hands and working with the Church of the Nazarene domestically and abroad.

Thank you David for identifying this gift with in me. I feel the fire of the Holy Spirit and called to minister to the broken hearted and set the captives free.

Dustee Hullinger, Gifted Hands
New York, NY

HOW EXCITING! My, how the time flies!

I would love to be with you . . . but I confess my month is pretty well booked. Let me know when you are in DC or KC, and hopefully we can get together. Have a great time [of celebration].

Robert Prescott, NCM, Inc.
Olathe, Kansas

Towel & Basin is honored by those who have made special 20th Anniversary gifts. A grateful thank you to the following persons (to date):

"Do As I Have Done" Gifts
The Rev. David & Marilyn Best
Dr. Bob and Linda Brower
Kito Bryant
Truman & Gaile Lawson
The Rev. Dr. Michael and Suzanne Pitts
The Rev. Dr. Norman Shoemaker
Dale V. Thomas (and in memory of the Rev. Vernon E. Thomas and Ruth L. Thomas)

20th Anniversary Memorial Gifts
Andres & Virginia Gonzales in remembrance of Gloria Quintero
Steve Martin in remembrance of Mountain Glory music and my Dad, John
The Rev. Patricia A. Reeberg in honor of David Best
Lou Ann Walling in remembrance of Dana Walling
Mr. and Mrs. L. Harold Johnston in honor of David Best

20th Anniversary Gifts
Michael Funk
Don Goehner
Sylvia Lambert
Laura Mulay
Andrew Randolph
Dr. Harold Ivan Smith
The Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth Blish
The Reverends Don Hall and Patty Craft
The Rev. Dr. Douglas and Anne Hardy
Gary and Kathy Meier
The Rev. Alice Piggee-Wallack
Roy and Lorraine Randolph
Mendell and Reanna Thompson