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Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Towel & Basin.

A good place to begin is signing up to receive our free e-newsletter and gift from David Best.

Other ways to get involved include giving, praying, and volunteering. Experience joy and new meaning in ordering your life according to the towel and basin.


You can make a cash donation today in your preferred way...

1. Online with a credit card or PayPal - It's fast, easy and secure;

2. Sending your check or money order to:

Towel & Basin
P.O. Box 101393
Nashville, TN 37224-1393

Another way you can make a signficant financial contribution to Towel & Basin is by donating a car, boat or RV. Our program partners will arrange to pick up the vehicle, handle all the necessary paperwork and provide you a receipt. Click here to learn more. Ready to begin now? Go here for an online vehicle donation form.


Towel & Basin seeks prayer partners as it “serves so others may serve.” Since we are a world wide ministry, our goal is that prayers be offered around the clock. If you would like to include Towel & Basin -- its President David Best and ministries -- in your intercessory prayer, please contact us. Tell us the day(s) and time in the day (if known) you will pray. We will keep you informed of current projects and specific requests.


Are you looking for meaningful ways to invest your time? If you are interested in donating your time and services, contact us and describe your skills, interest areas, and amount of time you are able to give.